Tearamis├╣ Room is the first tea room in Treviso designed to offer customers an oasis of relaxation, to meet the culture and tradition of tea and discover and learn the techniques of preparation of this precious drink, according to the Eastern and Western traditions.
At Tearamis├╣ Room you can taste various kinds of tea starting from the most classical.

Tearamis├╣ Room specializes in offering high quality leaf teas and offers assistance and advice in the selection and preparation of loose tea.
Tearamis├╣ Room also offers a selection of herbal and fruit infusions suitable for everyone at all times of the day.

In the tea room, each type of tea is served according to the rules and traditions of the country of origin.
The tea room serves british tipical cakes to accompany the tea.
The strong feature of this tearoom is the tiramis├╣ that is prepared in the restaurant "Toni del Spin" following the original recipe.